Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration 10.7
Apple Certified Associate - iWork
Apple Certified Associate - iLife
Apple Certified Pro - Aperture 3 Level One
Apple Certified Pro - Aperture 2 Level One
Apple Certified Pro - Final Cut Pro X, Level One
Apple Certified Pro - Final Cut Pro 7, Level One
Apple Certified Pro - Motion 5 Level One
Apple Certified Pro - Color Level One
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Your Premier Atlanta and North GA Apple Consulting and Training specialist.

Welcome:) You're first in line.

Welcome:) You’re first in line.

An amazing six year career at Apple in ever increasing roles of responsibility and access to the technology that makes it tick has afforded me the expert knowledge to bring the solutions to your questions.

As a Creative (trainer) for the Apple One to One© program I’ve assisted individuals and businesses daily to obtain their goals, whether it was creating state of the art videos in Final Cut Pro, business presentations with a punch in Keynote or negotiating a Magic Trackpad for the first time.  I’ve helped businesses get up and running on their new devices, most of them coming from a Windows environment as I did many years ago.

Training wasn't all training. Most of the time is was problem solving issues or coming up with solutions to help customers achieve success. It was installing software, instructing on how to set up new devices, figuring out why iCloud wasn't syncing, fixing e-mail issues. The list goes on. If you have an issue with your Mac or iOS device, I've seen it. I’ve solved it. Been there done that. Got the clever Apple t-shirts.

I loved it all. 

Why I started fFlik:

Times and technology have changed a lot over the last few years and the trend will continue. Apple’s phenomenal, historic success, can morph to hardship for those unable to harness it. It can become difficult to secure appointments for training and support. When achieved, the environment of crowded and noisy stores can become a hinderance, not conducive to learning. Planning a trip can consume most of your day.

There are too few stores around and even less places to get expert training for your Apple products if you purchased them anywhere other than an Apple Store.

The solution? A personal Apple Store at your location. fFlik.

The products you’ve purchased not used to the maximum of their intended capability is money and opportunity lost, never regained. fFlik can aid and mentor your staff during the transition from a Windows environment to your new Apple devices, to hit the ground running, to harness and enhance technology to get the most from your investment. 

Shawn Lierow
Member/Manager, fFlik, LLC
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